“At Sensis, our Financial Analysts use Budget Wizard to input budgets in Oracle Projects. Eventually we plan on deploying it to approximately 50 Project Managers for use in maintaining project budgets.

“We budget at Task, Period, and Resource levels, and use multiple Budget Types per project. This volume of data is impractical to load using the standard Oracle form. Since much of our current planning process employs Microsoft Excel, Budget Wizard was ideally suited for this purpose.

“The tool is robust, straightforward and easy to use. Our users were successfully loading their own budgets from the first training session.

“We are particularly pleased with the ability of the tool to handle multiple Budget Types for multiple Projects all on the same worksheet. Its extremely flexible layout, and capability to operate on other workbooks, allows us to integrate smoothly with Oracle directly from our source budget development spreadsheets.

We’ve found the support from More4Apps to be timely, comprehensive, and most helpful.”

Kenneth E. Dawe, CMA
Oracle Projects and Project Contracts Lead
Sensis Corporation
New York, USA

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