“We contacted More4Apps after searching Metalink for a fix to our Invoice Import issue. The one we were using broke and we had no way to get the entries into Oracle. We were using a program that was slow and had little validation. Only one person could use the program and it took 5 days to complete all the month end entries.

“We came across a hit on metalink recommending More4Apps and have been using it ever since. It now takes less than a day to do the entries and we have several users using it.

“The validation process is awesome. It has saved us numerous support and man hours. Speaking of support, More4Apps is second to none. We don’t even notice the time zone difference between the US and New Zealand. They truly know the meaning of the concept: (CUSTOMER FIRST).

“AP Wizard is such a great tool that we are evaluating Project Wizard, Budget Wizard, AR Invoice Wizard and Requisition Wizard. Thanks More4Apps.”

Dottie Williams
Oracle Applications System Administrator
TNS Global (Taylor Nelson Sofres) Formerly NFO (National Family Opinion)

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