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Many describe Fred’s personality as genuine and dynamic with the “gift of

He brings a wealth of knowledge within the sales field, carrying 20 years
of experience in the IT solutions and commercial telecommunications
infrastructure sectors.

Achieving a Bachelor of Arts degree at California State University set
him off to the start of his sales career.  Fred’s personality is enough to
“fill up a room”; he brings an array of humor and kindness, with a few
playful quirks.  Mention the words Muggles or Frodo Baggins and you’ll be
sure to hit off a great conversation. It’s a no brainer he enjoys the world
of sales.

In his free time he enjoys traveling with his family and hitting a
baseball from here to Hong Kong in his weekly men’s softball team. Fred is
the founder and president of a Southern California-based off-road club
called “SOCAL 4 Wheelers”, made up of Jeep owners who meet for a new
adventure each month.