Oracle’s Cloud ERP System

Are you thinking about migrating to Oracle's Cloud ERP system ? You’re not alone!  We’re having more and more encounters with organizations currently using EBS, and engaged in this very conversation. It's a conversation for us at More4Apps too. As

Using Oracle Projects to manage Aquisitions – NEW TIPS!

I had an interesting discussion with a customer of ours at Oracle Openworld 2018 recently. His organization regularly acquires other companies and he was incredibly frustrated with the length of time it took to create opening balance Receivables transactions, via

Independent Software Vendors can bring Oracle ERPS to Life

Knowledge is power. Find out how features and functionality that were not previously thought possible can now be added to Oracle software, thanks to innovations by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is a powerful medium that has

7 Shortcuts to Save Time when Using Excel

Microsoft Excel is used widely for many purposes. It is a powerful and versatile tool especially if you use it to its full potential. One of the best ways to improve your efficiency using Excel is to reduce your dependence

Excel Orange Dot Issue

Earlier this month, Microsoft had released a new update to their Office products. This update contained new features and aesthetic upgrades to the Office Suite. One of the impacts of this was a change to the toolbar ribbons along the

Asset Wizard Logo
Announcing Significant Changes to More4Apps Asset Wizard

We are excited to announce that a new version of our Asset Wizard is now available on our website. This is a major release of the Asset Wizard and has significant architecture changes in Modes and Performance updates. This release

Re-Skin the Beast – Redesigning Oracle EBS for Users with User Interfaces that Work

Oracle EBS is a great piece of software; it supports many business functions and is easy to tweak and change. Over the years, Oracle has provided multiple updates to the EBS user interface. From the original character-based telnet forms, GUI

Education Session: Increase Efficiency Managing Process Manufacturing Data

  In Process Manufacturing material costs are always changing, particularly the costs of raw material or products purchased on a commodity market. Incorrect material costs can cause all sorts of discrepancies in financial reporting and product pricing to customers. If

Education Session: How to improve your Procure to Pay process

Procure-to-pay systems sit at the heart of any business. They provide essential visibility over the processing of expenditure transactions. Excel is also a widely adopted key business tool but it's often not seamlessly integrated into Procure to Pay processes. More4Apps,

Education Session: Keep your Human Resources data up to date with an effective Employee Data Management solution.

  The days of employing people and expecting them to stay in their jobs for most of their working lives are long gone. An ever-increasing array of employment variables require management overhead: onboarding, changing your staff's job/position allocations, managing wellness,